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Why All Bollywood Movies Released on Friday in India in Hindi


Why Bollywood Movies Released on Friday in India in Hindi, Reason behind all movies releasing only on Friday in India. Why Do Movies Release On Fridays In India? No, It’s Not Just Because Of The Weekend or what, read more facts and theories in this interesting post.

Why Bollywood Movies Released on Friday in India, what is the superstition behind it, or is there any valid reason behind the same, find out the complete answer of this.

Why Do Movies Release On Fridays In India?

Watching movies are one of the best ways of entertainment around the world. Watching our favorite stars in the big screen give is so exciting and that is why we all wait for Friday to welcome the new movies in the theatres. But did you ever gave a thought that Why Bollywood Movies Released on Friday?

This is one of the frequently thought questions which pops in our mind but we never ask the same or get the perfect answer for the same. The most common answer is the weekend. We all think that the weekend is the main reason behind all movies releasing only on Friday in India, however, it is not completely true.

Yes, the weekend definitely plays a vital role; however, it is not the only reason for releasing the Bollywood movies on Friday. There are many reasons and reasoning’s behind releasing the Bollywood movies only on Friday. So, let’s find out some of the key aspects of releasing the movies on Friday.

Reasons Behind why Bollywood Movies Released on Friday?

Since the beginning, Friday was not the fixed date for releasing the movies. It used to be done on a random basis. The first Indian talkie movie Alam Ara was released on 14th March 1931 and it was a Saturday. Till now people think that the Friday release is a complete superstition as Mughal-E-Azam, the first movie to be released on Friday was highly successful in the box office, but it is not only about superstition and myths. There are many valid reasons for selecting Friday as the release date.

Here are the few reasons why the Friday release became a tradition with the Indian Cinema: –

The trend from Hollywood:

“Gone with the wind” was the Hollywood movie which was released on 15th December 1939, Friday. The release of Hollywood movie on Friday was one of the prime reason behind all movies releasing only on Friday in India, however, the trend was not adopted immediately in India.

After 1939, the “Mughal-E-Azam” was the first Bollywood movie to be released on Friday. It was released on 5th August 1960. Thus, it was nearly 11 years to adopt the British/American legacy.

Goddess Lakshmi:

As per Hindu tradition, Friday is the day of Goddess Lakshmi who is the Goddess of wealth. A movie requires a healthy investment to complete and thus, the makers of the movie organize the muharat shots of the movies on Friday out of the belief so that the movie succeeds in the box office.

Friday, it’s a Half Day:

In the early days, due to the lack of television and cable connections, the movie theaters were the only option for entertainment. Along with that, Friday used to be the unofficial half-days in small-scale industries in Mumbai and that is why it attracted a huge number of audiences in the theatres on Friday followed by the leave on Saturday and Sunday.

Lower Screening Rates:

This fact is known to very fewer people that multiplex owner’s charges lesser screening fees from the producers on Friday’s. Thus this provides an additional economic advantage to the producers while releasing the movies on Friday. The screening fees charged on Friday by the PVR and other multiplexes are much lower than the other days.

Long Weekend:

Saturday and Sunday’s are the common holidays in India, especially to the private sector’s employees. Thus, being a holiday on the next day, watching movies on Friday becomes easier as people can complete the rest of the works on the next day or if want can even sleep for a long on Saturday.

Releasing a movie on Monday gives a lower opening as being a weekday; it attracts very less crowd to the theatre. Whereas Friday is followed by a weekend and thus more people get leisure time to visit the movie theatres and thus the movies gets a good opening collection.

Friday, The Salary Day:

In the early days, people working on weekly wage basis used to get the weekly payment on Friday. This is one of the prime reason behind all movies releasing only on Friday in India. The money allowed the people and their families to spend some quality time and watching movies was the best option among the same.

Thus, with these, you must have got a clear reasoning that Why all Movie Release on Friday in Hindi. However, the trend is slowly changing nowadays. The filmmakers are now ready to do experiment with their releases and thus may end up releasing their movies even in the weekdays. Wednesday and Thursday are the most preferred day other than Friday to release the movies depending on the time and month of the release.

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List of Bollywood Movies not Released on Friday

With the increasing competition, many filmmakers are willing to take a risk and follow the unconventional ways. Nowadays the movies are not restricted to only Friday to release. The most important reason behind releasing on other days is the occasions. In India, we have several occasions and people enjoy festivals in different ways as they get long holidays during the eve. Thus, the filmmakers look to capitalize on this opportunity and release the movies during the occasion to attract a maximum crowd to the theatre. Diwali is one of the best examples of the same. The Indian cinema has got almost a 100% success rate with the Diwali releases. Thus, instead of waiting for Friday, now the makers release the movie on the day of Diwali of after that day. Since the last few years, every Diwali release of Bollywood was highly successful in the box office and earned over 100 crores. The latest example of Diwali release is the upcoming epic adventure-drama movie “Thus of Hindostan” which is going to be released on 8th November which is Thursday.

Here are some more examples of Bollywood movies that released other than Friday, e.g. Thursday, Wednesday etc.

Gangs of Wasseypur part 2 & Ek Tha Tiger both were released on Wednesday are the best example of this type of movies. Both movies were a blockbusters hits.

The superstition was one of the basic thinking regarding why Bollywood Movies Released on Friday in India. However, it is completely due to business purpose so that the movie does well in the box office. The superstition part may not be completely overlooked, but it is not the only reason behind all movies releasing only on Friday in India.

Now you well know why filmmakers do release their films especially on Friday, it’s not just another random day of the week. Now it’s your turn to pay me back, go and share this cool information with your friends.


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