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PM Narendra Modi Movie Box Office Collection Worldwide & Review


There is no doubt that PM Narendra Modi is the most powerful name in India. Yes, of course, our honorable President is the most powerful person in the matter of designation. PM Narendra Modi is the 14th and current Prime Minister of the biggest democratic country in the world and has got all the deserving applauds due to his brave and great decisions. The journey of a child from a simple chaiwala to the Prime Minister of India is very less known to the common people and that is why the director of the successful biopic “Mary Kom” is bringing you with the biopic of the most powerful man of our country with the movie “PM Narendra Modi”

PM Narendra Modi Movie Box Office Predictions

In the last few years, we have seen many successful biopic movies like Mary Kom, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (Milka Singh), Gold, Soorma, MS Dhoni and others. The biopic helps us to know more about the life of the person who has in many means added to the growth and prosperity of our country. Thus, the movie on our Prime Minister is highly expected on and people are looking forward to its release.

PM Modi Movie Quick Information

Movie Name:PM Narendra Modi 2019
Starring:Vivek Oberoi
Release Date:24th May 2019
Directed by:Omung Kumar
Produced by:Sandip Singh, Anand Pandit & Suresh Oberoi
Gnere:Biographical, Drama
Based on:Narendra Modi’s Biopic
Status:In your nearest theatre
This Article:PM Narendra Modi Movie Box Office

PM Narendra Modi Poster (First Look)

PM Narendra Modi Movie Poster

Making of the Movie

The production of the movie started in January 2019 and it is now ready to hit the theatres. Thus, it has been fast -paced shooting as the shooting and the entire production and marketing process got completed within 2 months.

Omung Kapoor is the director of the movie who has also directed the National Award winning movie Mary Kom. He has also directed another biopic of Sarbjit. Thus, with two amazing biopics from the director the public can definitely expect a masterpiece from him.

PM Narendra Modi Movie Storyline

The name of the movie clearly states the storyline of the same. The movie will show the journey of a simple chai wala who becomes the Chief Minister of Gujarat and then the Prime Minister of the country.

It will show the hard work and dedication of the man towards the development of the country and his sacrifices which are less known to the general public.

The trailer of the movie begins showing a journalist who is planning the end of Modiji with a prime time show followed by the famous line “ Ek Chaiwala Kya PM Bange”. After that, the introduction of PM Narendra Modi happens.

Vivek Oberoi did a great job as the young Narendra Modi; however, the prosthetics or the makeup for the older Narendra Modi was not up to the mark.  It was a great responsibility in the shoulder of Vivek Oberoi to carry the role of one of the strongest leader of the nation. But he did a fair job. Paresh Rawal was the first choice for the title role, however, he stepped down from the same and Vivek got the role.

PM Narendra Modi Box Office Collection

The trailer shows how young Modiji showed his respect towards the country and how hard he worked by selling tea in trains and other places. It reflects the rebellion character of young Modiji who sacrificed his personal life and took the path of Sanyasi and wandering in the Himalayas before joining the RSS Shakha.

Most of the part of the movie will show the journey of the Modiji from a simple tea maker to the Chief Minister of Gujarat. It will showcase how Modiji handled the terror attack o Akshardham Temple. It will also show the incident of inviting Ratan Tata about the Nano project in Gujarat. In an interview, Ratan Tata himself praised Modiji about his value of words as Modiji promised Land for the set-up of Nano project in Gujarat within 3 days and he did the same within the deadline. Hope in the move we can find more about the same.

You can also find the reference of Indira Gandhi and the Emergency along with the arrest of young Modi. The trailer also shows the conversation between Modiji and Amit Shah played by talented actor Manoj Joshi about the worry of the growth of the county and finishes with a direct threat to Pakistan against their terrorist activities in India. The lines will sure bring goosebumps to the entire patriots of the country.

Star Cast of the Movie

Star cast of the movie includes many renowned names. Vivek Anand Oberoi plays the role of the PM and we have many other talented actors.

  • Vivek Oberoi as Narendra Modi
  • Manoj Joshi as Amit Shah
  • Boman Irani as Ratan Tata
  • Kishori Shahane as Indira Gandhi
  • Kartik Aryan as Rahul Gandhi
  • Zarina Wahab as Modiji’s Mother
  • Barkha Bisht Sengupta as Modiji’s wife Jashodaben

These are the major star cast of the movie. It has also got many other talented actors like Darshan Kumar, Prashant Narayan, Yatin Karyekar in major roles.

The movie is directed by Omung Kapoor and is produced by Suresh Oberoi, Anand Pandit and Sandip Ssingh.

PM Narendra Modi Movie Release Date

The production of the movie got completed within just 2 months and the movie is ready to hit the theatres on 24th May 2019. To make the movie reach to the people from all around the country and world, the makers are going to release the movie in 23 different languages. Thus, this will allow the audiences to enjoy the essence of the movie in their regional tongue and they will be able to relate the story properly.

However, the student wing of Congress Party NSUI Goa has approached the Election Commission for the ban of the movie claiming that it is violating the model code of conduct of Elections. However, no news has been out about any kind of action against the release of the movie. So, you can expect the movie hitting the theatres on May 24th, 2019 without any kind of issues.

The movie was at first slated to be released on 12th April 2019 after completion of the first phase of the General Elections. However, it is now going to release a week advance.

What is the Total Budget of PM Narendra Modi Movie?

The movie is made with a budget of around 30 to 40 crores. The budget got increased a bit due to the completion of the movie in a short time as the makers wanted to release the movie before the beginning of the Lok Sabha Elections in India.

However, it is expected that the PM Narendra Modi Box Office Collection will be huge as everyone will be interested to learn about the thrilling journey of the Prime Minister of our country.

PM Narendra Modi Movie Review

The trailer of the movie was released on 20th March 2019 and within a few hours of the release, it got a views count of over millions. Within a few days of the release of the trailer, the movie has got 10 million views.

So, with this, you can easily understand the demand of the movie among the audiences. Yes, it is also true that the trailer is also getting mixed responses from the viewers. But it was also expected as Narendra Modi has also got many critics in the country especially from the opposition parties. That is why; the trailer got a mixed response.

The movie got a mixed review from the audiences. It showed the hard work and dedication of a simple Tea Maker to become the Chief Minister and then Prime Minister of India. It also sparks light about the Gujarat riot and many other incidents in history. So, there is no doubt that the public will like the movie, but of course, there are a few haters too.

The support actors give a tremendous performance in the movie, however, a lot of people wanted Paresh Rawal in the title role as Vivek Oberoi is young of age and Paresh Rawal is a senior and great actor too and this would have brought life to the character more.

PM Narendra Modi Trailer Download

The trailer of the movie did amazing in the box office. Within a few hours of the release of the trailer, the video got millions of views. Till now, it has got over 10 million views from different platforms.

So, if you want to download the trailer, you can visit the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6sjQG6lp8s and download the same from there. There are different applications and web assistance to download videos from YouTube which you can use to download the same.

PM Narendra Modi Box Office Collection Predictions

The biggest assistance that the movie will get is the name itself. Narendra Modi the name is itself enough to bring billions of people from around the country to visit the theatres. Over that, the amazing star cast and supports staff will add up to the benefit of the movie.

PM Narendra Modi Movie Box Office

However, the biggest advantage of the movie will be the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections in India. The Lok Sabha Election is going to start from 11th April and the movie is going to release on 5th April 2019. Thus, both the event will put a positive effect on each other’s result.

Thus, it will not be wrong to say that the PM Narendra Modi World Wide Collection will easily cross the 100 Crore mark within the first month of release only. The collections may experience a bit of drop during the Election days, however, as the election will be done in 7 different phases, it may not have much effect on the result of the movie’s box office collection.

PM Modi Movie Daywise Collection Report

# DayCollection (Cr)
1st Day CollectionTBA
2nd Day CollectionTBA
3rd Day CollectionTBA
4th Day CollectionTBA
5th Day CollectionTBA
6th Day CollectionTBA
7th Day CollectionTBA
8th Day CollectionTBA
9th Day CollectionTBA
10th Day CollectionTBA
PM Narendra Modi Total Box Office CollectionTBA

The PM Narendra Modi Overseas Collection is also going to be huge as he has got a very strong presence in the world market and will surely get a huge response in around the world. The only major thing that may affect the overall collection of the movie is Avengers Endgame which is going to be released on 26th April 2019. This movie will surely attract a lot of audiences from this movie.

PM Narendra Modi Opening Day Collection

With the billions of supports around the world, there is no doubt that the PM Narendra Modi First Day Collection will be simply great. The movie will also attract the haters as they would want to see what it has shown about the other parties as the trailer clearly shows the role of our Ex-Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in the same. Thus, with all the factors added, it is expected that the first day will collect over 20 crores.

PM Narendra Modi First Day Collection

Another aspect that will help in the collection of the movie is the competition. There are no major releases in the month of April 2019. The movie will be released alongside John Abraham’s movie RAW. Thus, with the competition, the movie will surely do great in the Box Office for the whole month.

PM Narendra Modi Second Day Collection

The second-day collection will completely depend on public reviews from the first-day shows. If the movie is liked by the audiences, then the second day will surely get around 20 to 25 crores.

However, if there is any kind of negative promotions, then the collection may drop to 20 crores. But the second day being Saturday will attract more audiences as during the weekends the movies get the maximum attendance. Thus, it is highly anticipated that the second day collection of the movie will be around 25 crores only.

PM Modi Third Day Box Office Collection

The collection in the cash register may dip a bit as the third day is Sunday. The theatres will get a good response during the first half of the day, but the second half may not get as many audiences as expected as the next day is Monday which is a working day and everyone would like to spend some relaxing time at their home.

PM Narendra Modi First Week Collection

Considering all kinds of ups and downs in the reviews of the movie, it is expected that the movie will earn around 30 to 40 Crores within the first week of the release. The less competition in the movies and the General Elections will play a vital role in the spinning of the cash register.

PM Narendra Modi Movie Second Week Collection

As obvious, the total collection of the movie will dip down in the second week. It happens with most of the movies. However, if the movie turns up to an excellent creation like Mary Kom, then the second week may also get a good response.

Considering all the facts, the movie may earn around 20 crores in the second week.

PM Narendra Modi Movie Third Week Collection

The collection of the third week of the movie will fall if the movie is not liked by the viewers. Another major reason behind the fall of the third-week collection is the competition. On the fourth week, one of the most awaited movies in the world is going to reach the theatres.

Avengers Endgame 4 is going to release on 26th April 2019. Thus, it is expected that PM Narendra Modi will get less attendance in the 3d week as more people will be going for the Avengers. During the third week, the movie is expected to get a collection of around 10 crores.


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